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Friday, 26 November 2010

RM - Deconstruction of Love Actually

Love Actually (Richard Curtis, 2003)
Link to imdb
Budget: £30,000,000
US Takings: $59,365,105
UK Takings:  £36,238,777
Studio Canal
Working Title

Establishing shot - Lots of people hugging and smiling (happy)
                           - Voice over of Hugh Grant
                           - Happy music
                           - Titles come up in red and white signifying love and happiness
                           - Shot types - Close up, mid shots, zoom ins, slow motion, blur in and out

Opening = 3.58minutes
Shows a singer singing a christmas song (his own version) but doing it wrong two times and swearing. When he gets it right the first time everyone joins in and is happy and smiling.
-Shots types= mid shot, wide shot, two shots (to show peoples expressions), dutch angle, high angle
-Sound= Singing of the man, dialogue, and background music of the song when dialogue is spoken
-Setting= in a recording studio
-The main focus is on Bill Nighy who is the main singer


Sans serif font
Fade ins and outs (to show time has changed and to show emotion)


Christmas time (christmas trees, christmas song)
Recording studio is shown through headphones, background singers, mixing tables, microphones, piano etc

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