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Friday, 31 December 2010

RM - Deconstruction of Friday the 13th (remake)

Friday the 13th (remake) (Marcus Nisthul, 2009)
Budget: $19,000,000US Takings: $64,900,000UK Takings: £1,960,000
Titles red – signify blood
White writing on black background – binary opposites
Variation of shot types – PoV, Handheld, Shot-reaction-shot ect.
Different angles used
Main character – not wearing much clothing binary opposite to mother
Pendant - silver? – Key part?
Trees obstructing shots
Credits cut through opening scene – starts and stops violence – makes audience more scared
Both characters have weapons
Head falling into puddle – iconicThunder and Lightning – jumps – controls heartbeat
Older woman talks a lot more than the other character. Also talks when dead.
Non-diagectic sound used – eerie music

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