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Friday, 31 December 2010

RM - Deconstruction of Baby Sitter Wanted

Baby Sitter Wanted (Jonas Barnes, 2008)
Link to imdb
Budget and Takings not announced on imdb
Low, close-up of feet – audience can hear a children’s baby song.
Body? – moving/flesh colour panels, plastic surgeon lines.
Body shot PoV – until foot – iconic butcher (ties is with butcher’s tools)
Narrative enigma – mystery/eerie
Handheld camera – more real.
Close up of face – human
Shot of killer’s tool box and tools (ordered in use)
Meat hook used – victim treated like an object
Tools been used before/killer done this before.
When killer picks the hammer he/she rests it on victim’s face
Fake horror – audience doesn’t see her death.
Feeds imagination.

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