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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

RM - Deconstruction of Saw

Saw (James Wan, 2004)
US Takings: $55,153,403
UK Takings: £6,645,485
Seven films in the franchise

No establishing shot just a shot of the main character underwater

Eerie music is played though out most of the opening scene
Saw appears – like it is underwater (fits in with the opening seconds of the film)
Shots used: Mainly close-ups for the main character (Adam) and medium shots for the other character (Lawrence). Shots are also limited due to the location, which is a large bathroom. Long shots are mainly used as point of views for the two characters.
Light: Darkened room – characters vulnerable, when lights are turned on characters are dazed for a few seconds.
Props used are: a pistol, a bullet, a cassette player, two cassettes, dead body, blood, toilet, two envelops with the characters names on, clock, key, bath, bath plug, black bin liner, two saws and two sets of chains and feet cuffs.
Narrative enigma of the voice on the two cassettes speaks in riddles to Adam on how to win the game but tells Lawrence exactly how to win the game – to kill Adam by 6 on the clock Alison and Diana will be killed – mental torture.
Always a sense of panic in the opening – doesn’t help with the two cassettes telling each other what their objective is with the other one listening to it at the same time.
At the end of the opening scene the screen turns green signify a flashback?
No deaths in the opening scene
15 mins 48 seconds

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