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Sunday, 5 December 2010

RM - Deconstruction of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Budget: $150 mill
US Gross: $292 mill
Gross: £49 mill
IMDB Rating: 7.3 - More popular with females than males.
This is the fifth novel in a series of seven and the fifth film in a series of eight.
Titles: Warner Bros. Pictures.                      Open credits: 38 seconds
          Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter theme tune being played)
Establishing shot which focuses on the sun which pans down to reveal a town in the countryside and a park just outside of the town.
Radio broadcast announcing that the heat wave is forecast to go on, summer - Verisimilitude.
Panning shot up a slope to see Harry walking towards the park alone. Transition to show time has passed.
A parent to shown talking to her child signifies an ordinary day.
People at the park are wearing ordinary summer clothes.
Harry still alone but this time on swings – starts to argue with Dudley (Binary opposite’s nerd versus brawn and wizard and non-wizard). In this argument a lot of shot reaction shots are used.
In the park the audience can hear noises from swings, roundabouts, dialogue – verisimilitude.
Towards the end of the argument Dudley annoys Harry who threatens him by putting his wand under his chin (Wand - verisimilitude of the wizard’s world). The bright sunlight turns into a typically gloomy day and the wind picks up; this signifies something is going to happen and provides verisimilitude.
Jump cut shows time has passed.
Whilst Harry and Dudley are running most shots used are with the steady cam this signifies that there is something behind or next to the two. These shots seem to be a point of view shot. The audience can hear the rain hitting the ground, the wind and thunder – verisimilitude.
When they get into the subway tunnel (the subway has graffiti on the walls also has one light flickering these signify it’s an ordinary) focus is on lights which are golden (like the suns light), which pans towards Harry to focus on him, this signifies something is going to happen to him. Eerie/sinister music starts to be played.
The focus of each shot changes in between Harry and Dudley as they are getting attacked by Dementors (evil spirits) which signifies something is going to happen.
Music is played to signify action and Harry has done something wrong, as the music is (and starts after Harry has cast a spell).
Tracking and panning shots are used to show the spell Harry uses (“Expectus Patrolum”) and when the spell hits the dementors with a white light following them, which signifies good (which is part of the main binary oppositions in the entire series of films and novels. This binary opposite is good versus evil).
Eerie/sinister music dies down.
Opening scene: 4mins 38secs.

There was plans of doing a swede of this film but due to snow and school closing there wasn't chance to film it.

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