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Monday, 20 December 2010

RM - My Coursework Pitch

Title: Demons
Genre: Horror
Ideas taken: Halloween,
          Paranormal Activity,
          Presence (Hurtwood House Media Student)

Idea: The establishing shot of the film will be of a detached house. This shot is also a point of view shot, the camera slowly moving left to right and vice versa (point of view from the demon). Whilst this shot is taking place the audience will be able to hear footsteps. With the shot focusing on the front door of the house the handle turns and the door opens. The shot changes to inside of the house (Match on action) but there is no one to be seen entering the house. All the audience can hear are footsteps.
            The shot then changes to focus on someone getting ready to go out when he/she looks into the mirror above the sink the person will see a reflection of a figure with a skeletons face. The shot used will be an over the shoulder. The person then turns around (point of view from the skeleton figure) and watches the figure walking towards him/her (point of view of character). The intention is to build up suspense and make the audience believe this is the demon. When the figure reaches the character (two-shot) the figure removes its mask (over the shoulder looking at the character’s reaction) revealing it’s a friend of the character (over the shoulder, shot reaction shot) this will be shown with some dialogue.
They will be stopped in mid-conversation when they hear footsteps. The two characters in the bathroom will look at the landing. The shot will be a point of view from the demon. The shot continues until it is in the bathroom. When this happens the shot changes to the other side of the landing watching the door being slammed shut. All the audience can see now is the closed door and can only hear screaming. The door opens after the screaming has stopped to reveal the two characters are now dead. The footsteps will start again but getting louder to signify something is getting closer.

My Pitch

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