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Monday, 14 February 2011

All - Script Updated

Due to unforeseeable events one of our cast members had to pull out because she sprained her ankle. As this happened two hours before filming and we have till the end of this week to finish our coursework, we had to change the script taking out any parts of her character.

These changes included:
  • When Boy 1 and Girl 2 leave the room, Boy 2 and Girl 2 start talking. This is where Boy 2 tries to show to Girl 2 that he isn't scared but she (Girl 2) doesn't care.
  • Another part of the required changes of the script is where Girl 2 trying to comfort Girl 1, by saying "It'll be alright you don't know its him", however we changed this to Girl 1 screaming Jason.

Here is the updated script:

Script - Updated

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  1. could you briefly summarise the change; and given that you can make changes up to the final overall deadline of the Friday back (March 4th) could you maybe film your intended script?


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