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Thursday, 24 February 2011

RM - How Filming Went -13th February

Filming Date: 13th February.

How did the shoot for this go?
This time we decided to film inside Richard’s house. This meant that we had a larger time frame to shoot in. We also had greater control over timing and could shoot at a time which would be reflected in the film. This was a disadvantage of the first filming of our production, filmed on the 22nd January where availability of the location was limited.

What lessons did you learn from this?
One lesson I’ve learnt is that you have to expect the unexpected. In the future instead of getting the minimum number of cast it would be better to try and seek out more, probably with at least 1 more person who would be able to fill in at short notice in case one of the actors/actresses have to pull out. If this can’t be done, for whatever reason, make the script and storyboard capable for these changes.

Make any changes to idea/storyboard/cast/roles/production schedule etc?
From the previous idea we moved production from an empty house into a house that is currently occupied. This allowed us to have a larger timeframe for shooting which in turn meant we could shoot at which would reflect the time in the film. We also changed the script because with the original idea we thought it was too “cheesy” - we found people thought it was more of a comedy rather than a slasher film.

We also changed the entire cast with exception to the killer. There were several reasons for this -one of the original cast was busy, others realised they didn’t like acting or feedback received. Although we had the full cast two hours before the start of the shooting one of the cast had to pull out because she sprained her ankle. Therefore we had to remove the role from production because; due to short notice we couldn’t find anyone available.

What do you intend to add/change/re-do now?
We intend to use the feedback we have received to improve it and explain what we have received and done to the film in either a podcast or vodcast.

What works and what doesn't?
By moving the film location, again, we were able to gain a greater variation of shots compared to. However due to the changes in dialogue the original establishing shot was no longer suitable. In the latest version the cast were more professional. We feel that the false scare is well executed and the new sound effects add to the atmosphere

What audience feedback have you received, and what influence has this had?
The audience feedback we have obtained so far is that:
• some of the shots are too long,
• apply a soundtrack,
• false scare too short,
• add fake blood,
• a few continuity errors,
• extra dialogue and laughing.

With this in mind we have edited our project by cutting the shots suggested in the feedback as well as shots we feel are too long. We have also edited out the continuity errors and the extra dialogue and laughing. For the soundtrack we have added sound effects to the idents as well as the film production in certain places. However we chose not to use a fake blood effect because the house is occupied and we didn’t want to damage the furnishings.

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