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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

All - Required changes to Act of Repulsion Part 1

In the original film idea our initial thoughts were that the film would be set at night in the local woods, due to weather conditions in January we rejected the idea of filming in the woods at as it would be too cold.

Due to lighting conditions at night filming will be difficult without specialist equipment.

The original concept there was a shot of inside the tent with one of the characters trying to get to sleep as the character turns towards the camera a silhouette of figure dragging a body moves across the tent. On the 5th January we experimented with the idea in daylight but it wasn’t successful. As it wasn’t successful we concluded it would be at night.

As a result of our work we have had to develop new ideas, which follow:

Instead of camping outside in the local woods, we could move production of the film into a house. Ideally an empty property e.g. a property for sale.

A more radical idea is to take the best elements of the original plan and develop them into a new script.
At the start of the film there is an establishing shot of an ordinary house, a group of friends walk into shot and enter the house. To show time has passed there will be a few seconds of footage showing them drinking and having fun. After about 30 seconds of film, the group (except one person as he/she lives in the house) leave the house. Whilst walking home together one of them goes down a side street to get home. The other friends continue walking the route they were taking until they hear a scream. As soon as they hear this they run back and find a body lying on the floor. When they turn the body over it is their friend. Whilst they look down in shock of finding their friend dead the camera shot changes to a figure walking up to them from behind. When the two friends turn around the figure attacks them with a weapon, as the figure attacks them there is a point of view shot with the weapon coming down and the screen goes black.

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