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Thursday, 27 January 2011

RM - Audience

Due to the film being in the slasher genre and taking inspiration from the Hostel (Eli Roth, 2005) and Friday the 13th (Marcus Nisthul, 2008). The audience that would enjoy this film most would be the 18 to late 20s age range and is targeted for both males and females. However we feel that the male gender would prefer to see and enjoy this film. Although the opening scene contains no blood and the killing is off camera the audiences does sees the victim being dragged down some stairs and an axe being swung at the camera it BBCF Certificate would be an 18.
    It can be argued that the ethnicity of the cast impacts on a productions success at the box office and that non-Caucasian actors should be included to widen a productions appeal. However there are examples of productions that do not apply to this rule for example The Lost Boys (Joel Schumacher, 1987). We consider that ethnicity is not relevant to our plot and would appeal to a mixed audience.
   With have tried to avoid targeting a specific socio economic group by having a cast centred on teenagers with little to identify their class background. Our aim is that teenagers in general empathise with the characters.
   With 'Acts of Repulsion' we are trying to target a British audience too the slasher genre, by using stereotypes that are associated with Britain. For example teenagers being rebellious and always causing trouble. We are also trying to attract a British audience to the genre by using a British cast.
   We feel that fans of the Friday the 13th, Hostel and Halloween franchises would enjoy this film as we took inspiration from those franchises to produce the film. We also feel fans of the slasher genre would enjoy this film as it is part of that genre.

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