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Sunday, 16 January 2011

All - Company Idents

Production Company: Oli & Richard Films

Distributers: One Slasher Films
   After some discussion we thought that 'One Slasher Films' was quite catchy and would tie in with the genre.u

Production Company: 'OliRic'
   For the 'logo' a oil barrel would tip over, spilling out a liquid and spelling out 'OliRic'
Distributors: $lash Films
   For the 'logo' for $lash Films we thought that a weapon would go across the screen. The weapon we thought of using is a scythe with blood on spelling out $lash Films.

Update (2nd Feb):
Production Company: 'OliRic'

   We made the front look like Oli as much as possible, as it is a play on the words Oil Rig.

Distributors: '$lash Films'

   We made slashes appear on screen over a red background with '$lash Films' appearing over the slashes in red (signifying blood).

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  1. perhaps 'OliRic' (a play on oil rig)?
    distributor maybe $lash Films?


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