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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

All - Acts of Repulsion Update

Date of Filming: Either weekend of 15th - 16th or 22nd – 23rd January
   We have asked a local estate agent if it would be possible to use an empty house which is currently on the market and we are waiting to confirm a date when we can film. If this isn’t possible we will use our second idea.

Location: Unknown (Due to the reasons above)

Friend 1 - Ben Braithwaite
Friend 2 - Kyle Meeson
Friend 3 -Josh Spence
Attacker - Patrick Godden
Friend 4 (Only needed if we are doing the second idea) -

Both of us have agreed to star in the film if we can’t find enough/suitable people to star in the film but only as a last resort.

Props: Casual, normal teenager clothes
           Axe (Or any suitable weapon)
           Beer bottles or cans filled with suitable liquid e.g. for a clear liquid we will use water
           Sleeping bags (Only for idea one)

Update on Location: An empty house located in Ashlands Road, Ilkley. The property benefits from its situation which is close to a cemetery

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  1. you've now confirmed locations, so try to update a post like this (add new details in a bold font for example)


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