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Thursday, 3 March 2011

All - Meeting The Crew & Cast

Name: Richard McLachlan
Role: Cameraman, Editor, Director, Producer
Favourite Film: Italian Job
Favourite TV show: Outnumbered
Currently Studying: Business, Maths, Media, Physics.

Name: Oli Preston 
Role: Cameraman, Editor, Director, Producer
Favourite Film: Shaun of the Dead
Favourite TV show: South Park
Currently Studying: Media, P.E and Product Design


Name: Liam Chuah
Role: Jason (also known as Boy 1 - Victim)
Favourite Film: Scott Pilgrim VS the World
Favourite TV show: Family Guy
Currently Studying: BTEC Media Level 3 and A-Level Film Studies

Name: Peter Linnegan
Role: Boy 2
Favourite Film: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Favourite TV show: Big Bang Theory
Currently Studying: Pyhsics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths

Name: Lucy Simpson
Role: Lucy (also known as Girl 2 - Scream Queen)
Favourite Film: Shaun of the dead
Favourite TV show: MisfitsCurrently Studying: Physics, Biology, English Lit/Lang, ICT and Science In Society

Name: Patrick Godden
Role: The Killer
Favourite Film: The Butterfly Effect
Favourite TV show: Sarah Connor ChroniclesCurrently Studying: Economics, Government and Politics and Business

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