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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 7

Looking back at your Preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the Progression from it to the full product?


Coursework Product:

Looking back to the preliminary task I now know that researching the genre for the film being produced is a vital element. In the preliminary exercise we were not able to do this as we were dropped straight into the exercise. However I was able to do this in my coursework. Studying classic horror franchises including Halloween, Hostel and Friday the 13th allowed me to take inspiration from them.
For the location in the prelim we were given a selection of rooms from which to choose from. However with the coursework I was able to contract a local estate agent and obtain permission to use a house was appropriate for the story of our film (pictured left). Although after feedback we changed the location of the inside shots we kept the outside location as our first choice. By doing this we not only maintained the atmosphere of the location but were also able to gain a wider range of variations in shot variety.

With Acts of Repulsion we have been able to gain and use feedback more effectively than compared to Overdue (the preliminary exercise). There are many reasons for this. Uploading videos to Youtube and Facebook has been useful because it enabled wider feedback. The longer deadline has enabled us to create a wider range of rough cuts which each one has received feedback for and we have developed the project as a result of this.
Time management has been a key aspect for the full product. With the preliminary exercise we were given one lesson to write the script as well as film the entire product. However with the coursework I have learnt from the problems we have experienced with casting – availability, illness, poor communication – the importance of planning and the need to build into the plans some spare time for catching up.
With props, costume, set-dressing and Mise-en-scene for the prelim task we had to use the clothes we were wearing and had to use make shift props out of items we had with use or that were in the room. With Mise-en-scene it was hard as well because we were only given a selection of rooms which we could choose from. However with Acts of Repulsion we were able to use a wider selection of props which were part of the footage and experiment with different ideas. For example our initial idea was to show the killer masked holding an axe at the end of the film (pictured right). But feedback was negative and we rejected the idea. With the costumes we were able to tell the cast what clothes we would like them to wear. For the location we were able to decide where it was and what the set looked like.

Having a wide range of shot variation is crucial to keep the audience engaged in the film. With the prelim task it was difficult to do and there were not enough variation. Also the shots went on for too long. However with the finished Acts of Repulsion there is a greater variation in shots as well as angles. With the first Acts of Repulsion rough cut most of the shots were taken from similar angles and tended to be too long. Over the two months spent filming my shot technique has developed.

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